Erotic Videos: Fairfax County Parkway Brings Some XXX Memories Back to Me


It was one of those long and lovely summer nights when it is just shame to stay inside. Mark and I decided to take the car and drive around the country for a while and perhaps have a walk somewhere. Those sticky summer nights have always awaken the erotic side of me. Therefore, as we drove past the Fairfax County Parkway I suggested Tom that we stop for a little while. He asked me why I wanted to stop there, but instead of a reply, I just put my hand in his pocket and touched his cock, like him seen in the erotic videos. He smiled, turned the car and parked on the parkway. I asked him if he ever watched some of those porn tubes with outdoor sex. He smiled again, pressed my hand on his dick and kissed me.

As I was giving him a really nice and well-practiced hand job, while he took of my panties with one hand and started feeling me up. I spread my legs so that he could reach my twat more easily. We spent some time like that – he fingering me and me jerking him off, all until we both were ready for the real deal. And the real deal was initiated by me, as I used my free hand to lower the backrest of my car seat all the way down. When I did it, I turned on to my stomach, pulled up my skirt and revealed my pussy. I grabbed both of my butt cheeks with my hands and spread them apart, so that my gaping twat was all exposed.

“Help yourself.” I told him, and he took my advice.

It took him just a couple of seconds to unzip his pants, release his hard cock and stick it inside me. He started ramming me really hard. He fucked me from behind and he was kissing my neck. We did it so vigorously that the whole car was rocking up and down with each push of his big dick into my pussy. I love fucking in the car, and this time was special for me, and it was great. The windows were all steamy and clouded from our hot breaths, so my hands reaching for the support in the moments of ecstasy left marks on them.

It didn’t take us log to cum together. This time, I allowed Mark to cum inside me. I felt such delight, feeling his hips pushing against me as he was grabbing my ass and unloading inside me. I wanted more and more, but I knew that Mark had one shot in himself at that moment. However, after he pulled out his dick from me, I turned back and licked all the remains of his cum from it. Unbelievably, his dick started to stiffen under my kisses. Therefore, I continued sucking him off and doing it faster and faster.

“I can’t believe this.” He muttered as he took my head and pulled it toward himself, so that I gagged on his cock. He came inside my mouth. We both fell exhausted on our car seats, both half naked. We didn’t bother to dress and we just sat there in our car at Fairfax County Parkway, having sex like those people from erotic videos. It was so fun and special.

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